Friday, November 30, 2012

hidden the beauty in you

Dear beautiful and kind hearted brothers and sisters

The most perfect person is none in this world
However, the most beautiful thing that we yet to realize is that 
To actually perfect the imperfection
for example, when i'm wrong, you teach me the right path
when i forget there are people who will reminds me

No matter who.. and that includes me,
sometimes we choose to look at the perfection 
which then cause you, me, us to dissapointment
But if we were to see the imperfection instead
Definitely we're gonna see more unexpected beauty from within

And together we learn to see beyond the imperfection 
oh myself and all of you, the good ones 

As behind each creation of Allah
there's always hidden the beauty yet to be discover by us all


Monday, November 26, 2012

amazing isnt it?

Isn't it soo and soooo amazing how Allah swt
brings the right people into your life at the right time
People who always support for you,
People who always love for you,
People who always pray for you, 
even in their silence 
that we didnt even notice they are always praying for us
especially our mak and ayah at home
regardless of your circumstances,
and they are the people around you
and they are also the people who never looks down at your weakness
instead the ones that brings you up
gives you beautiful, lovely advices
amazing isnt it? Thank you Allah for granting me a good family, friends, and the people around me
Yes, I do care for the people around me
sometimes i might dont show them
and I'm sure so does each one of you all 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

smile itu senyuman

Smile at your parents
either your mother or father
and you will find that happiness
lift within yourself
and you will start feeling much better
well, I'm sure your parents are so wanting 
for me, you us to smile at them
since all of you have a beautiful smile 
~say cheese~


Keep calm

When your heart is breaking
and your pain make you fall
Remember and remember
that Allah sees it all

Keep calm and Move on


Friday, November 23, 2012

kata kata :)

*Saya tiru ayat ni sebab saya suke kata kata dia*
the words are very lovely and a good advice 
for me, you, us, them and etc
~sekian terima kasih~

kata ibu kepada anak lelakinya :
“wanita itu bukan untuk kamu kagumi kecantikan 
dan kamu rebutkan cintanya, tetapi untuk kamu lindungi kehormatannya.”

kata ayah kepada anak perempuannya :
“lelaki itu bukan untuk kamu banding-bandingkan ketampanan 
dan goda hatinya, tetapi untuk memimpin iman dan keluargamu.”


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pray for our brothers & sisters out there

Let's make dua for our brothers and sisters
Because praying is literally all we can do right now
for a population imprisoned in a ghetto that's under attack
May Allah swt bless you in this life and the next

May Allah help the Muslims of Palestine.
May Allah help the Muslims of Syria.
May Allah help the Muslims of Burma.
May Allah help the Muslims of Gaza.
May Allah help the Muslims of Somalia.
May Allah help the Muslims of Egypt.
May Allah help the Muslims of Libya.
May Allah help the Muslims of Iraq.
May Allah help the Muslims of Kashmir.
May Allah help the Muslims of Chechnya.
May Allah help the Muslims of Afghanistan.
May Allah help the Muslims of Pakistan.
May Allah help the Muslims of Bangladesh.
May Allah help the Muslims of Morocco.
May Allah help the Muslims of Yemen.
May Allah help the Muslims of Algeria
May Allah help the Muslims of Sudan.
May Allah help the Muslims of Lebanon.
Ya Allah give victory to the Ummah.
Ya Allah give victory to the Ummah.
Ya Allah give victory to the Ummah.
Allaahumma Aameen Ya Rabb! 



Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pray to Allah

Sometimes there are worries and concerns in our heart,
when sometimes we need someone to speak to
but perhaps those around us may not understand the situations going,
even if they understood our words,
the words that will come out will not do justice,
stutter in our speaking 
and maybe starts to get anxious 
that we don't know what we are trying to say
and to how we are feeling.

So, why not & betters to
Turn to Allah
for it is He who knows us better than our own self
and infact, even He knows how we are really feeling.
It is He who understands us and can help us more than anyone else.
Pray to Allah and be confident of a respond


Monday, November 12, 2012

i wonder why

Sometimes i am trying as much as possible to be zero
which means to be nothing
When you are nothing, then you will be able to understand everything. 
then suddenly,
i start to get confuse again
oh i wonder why


Saturday, November 10, 2012

without Allah. i am nothing

Without Allah, we are nothing
but a lonely and depressed being

I pray for a better tomorrow,
for a brighter day,
for a colourful life,
for a purer heart
and i pray everything will be fine and
Allah will save what i love and cherished
hoping that may Allah swt
ease all of our suffering,
bless us,
protect us,
and grant each one of us
with every happiness in both,
this world and the Hereafter.


Monday, November 5, 2012

forcing myself

After a short hiatus from my mid term break,
i guess its time to start 
and put on my engine,
make myself work,
force myself to work
 and strive for excellence for the sake of Allah 

Oh Tuhan, berkatilah ku dalam mencari Ilmu
Dengan RedhaMu Ya Allah,
moga kujejak tempat yang dituju

i need to force myself, there's not much time life