Monday, May 27, 2013

Today is the day

Today is the day
one of my beautiful little sister 
starts to continue another journey of her life so,
Selamat menempuh masa hadapan dan selamat menuntut ilmu
Reach for your dreams & Make your dream as bright 
as the shining stars twinkling for us
Jom usaha, usaha & usaha
dan kerja keras untuk mencapainya
I know you can!

 Orang Islam mesti
 kene maju & maju & maju & jadi bijak pandai
(oh nasihat for kakngah too)
I know somehow you will be reading this 
when you miss us at home perhaps:)
=.= ~or us that will be always missing you~ =.=
so i'll just drop by and say 
"we love you and take care"
Loves: Kakngah


Friday, April 5, 2013

please teach me :)

Being someone who gives or teaches
 knowledge is beautiful and such fascinating
and to me i see these people 
as someone that i can call them as cools!!
It doesn't matter if you're not a teacher or lecturers
which is generally and known to be those who teaches
but you know what, anyone can teaches
includes you, yes you!!
(clerks, students, managers, engineers, doctors, housewife,
 gardeners, granny, grandpa, great great granny)

It is a duty bound upon every each Muslim 
eventhough you're not an Ustaz or Ustazah
to invite people towards the path of Allah.

But before doing so,
one must acquire the knowledge,
for one cannot provide any guidance without knowlegde.

and if we did noticed and think 
somehow that the reward one will get
 from Allah would be consistent
if your students or learners
apply or spread the knowledge that you gave to them
Isn't it wonderful??
Don't we want it?
So what are you waiting for?
Let's teach one another
Teach me , maybe?
"Spread knowledge even if it's just one verse of the Quran!"


Thursday, March 21, 2013

semua manusia adalah cerdik :))

Assalamualaikum and good day beauties and smarties!

To all little sisters and brothers
Congratulations on the results you gained for SPM what ever it is!
Setelah berusaha, setelah berdoa, dan setelah bertawakkal,
insyaAllah itu adalah yang terbaik buat diri kita adik - adik
and just be true and be confident and keep doing good
and moving towards good.
Pada adik - adik yang dapat banyak A,
Tahniah dan teruskan berusaha!
Alhamdulillah, Allah bagi rezeki 

Tetapi pada adik - adik yang tak dapat banyak A, 
tidak mengapa!!!
Teruskan Usaha, Teruskan Berjuang, Teruskan Berenang!
Ingat, tak banyak A, tak semestinya tak cerdik ok?

Be sure to yourself, seandainya anda,kita 
kurang bernasib baik dalam SPM
tidak bermakna anda, kita juga akan 
kurang berjaya dalam kerjaya atau masa hadapan

Ingat! rezeki itu ada di mana - mana,
yang penting kita perlu sentiasa berusaha
 dan minta pertolongan daripada Allah.

Semoga kejayaan adik - adik beauties and adik - adik smarties
 diperoleh dengan kesyukuran 
dan kekurangan yang diuji menjadikan diri kita redha
 dan teruskan berusaha tanpa berputus asa.
Remember, each one of us, you, me them, can shine 
If once failed, that doesnt mean you're gonna failed forever
Keep working hard. Keep studying hard kerana Allah
As long adik - adik yang pandai lagi baik hati tahu hala tuju,
tahu tujuan hidup,
insyaAllah kita akan berjaya 
sama - sama juga kelak dengan izin Allah. 


Saturday, March 16, 2013

ponder and think about life

It's already almost a week since 
the new semester had gone flow through
without myself noticing since the semester had started =.=" 
and i still can't believe that I'm in the last semester
of my degree life, insyaAllah. (with Allah's Will)

University life if without continuing my master 
will be over in just a few months more
and it's like another 12 weeks of kuliah only 
ahead for the final preparation =.="
but, I'm determined to make every minute count 
and fill the kuliah with beneficial things (yeke, hehe)
~oh insyaAllah~
I guess it's a sacrifice I'm going to have to make now in order
to not regret later in life.
(and that is the same for you, me, us all)

I hope the chapter of my life for the degree session 
is going to end with many beautiful memories
and I hope if Allah gives me the opportunity (pray)
I can continue my study more if given the chance 
but who knows, we plan but Allah is the Best Planner.

I like this words and i want to share it here:

"Face exams like a Boss,
"Have Fun afterwards and start Focusing for exams"

Jom tuntut ilmu
Menuntut ilmu adalah kerana Allah & 
it is an obligatory to all Muslims 
to seek knowledge too, right? 
(oh ingatan untuk diri sendiri)


Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dear people: Allah knows Best :)

Everyone in this world experience sadness, 
depression and it is something which 
every one of us experience throughout the living.
The human beings hurt and cries,
but you cannot see the depression sadness in their eyes, 
because they just smiles, laugh and just keep moving and keep all inside.

There are times when we feel we're down,
depressed or things look broken and nothing 
like how we wished and dreamed of the way we want it to be in the beginning.
At times we even feel as though nothing is working out the way we planned,
tawakkal or trusting and relying on Allah and realizing 
that our Protector, Allah the Most Al- Mighty has a great and better plan for us.
We have to put great massive huge trust 
that Allah's plan is the best plan and yet plant deeply 
in the heart by having full faith that Allah will take care of
you, me and us
even when things look so impossible.

Hey people,
There is nothing in the universe that Allah can't do
instead He can provides us for anything that we could never even imagine
plus nothing can happens except with the permission of Allah.

..So beautiful sisters, great brothers..

After all the USAHA, and after all the DOA, we TAWAKKAL
but remember (oh reminder to myself)
There can be no faith without tawakkal 
and if there is true faith,
tawakkal must always follow.

"And whoever relies upon Allah, 
then He is sufficient for him" (65.3).
And the Reality is that there is nothing 
and nowhere else that will be sufficient.
Allah is the only handhold
that never breaks (2:256)

Allah the Most Generous and the Al- Mighty
 gives us so much without even us asking,
so if He doesn't give the things what we are asking 
for He knows it's better for us not to have it.

..Believe and don't be sad..


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

because you just can, so move forward :))

Dear sisters & brothers
Looking up at the clouds 
and see the forming shapes that the clouds make,
i observed my surrounding and ponder about the life.
we're the humans
there's always the up and down time
which either you're always on top of the wheel
and at that time where you always 
have that kind of energy inspiration 
to keep going in life and have 
that strong of strength to face those obstacles
which is always a dream for everyone right.
or somehow vice versa
but dear people,
that shouldnt be the reason for you to give up
or start making yourself down
seeing yourself with no great opportunities
and that's totally not true
sometimes you just haven't failed people
your success is just postponed
so prove to them that they wrong 
if saying anything that breaks your potential
because you just can people
Sacrifice now so that later in the future, 
one will not feel regret.
yes, sometimes it is difficult
it is a great struggle that you, i and us should do
but the sacrifice and the struggles 
that makes us even more stronger and insyaAllah hopefully (pray) 
it will brings us more closer to Allah and will give a great success.

"So, verily, with hardship, there is relief"
(Al - Insyirah 94:5)

Because we just can, 
Giving up is totally not the option
we have Allah
we have doa
.so we can pray and ask help from Allah.
.Allah loves you, Allah loves us, Allah loves all of us.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Generally, worship can comes in such a variety of forms.
Being a housewife like my beautiful mummy can be a form of worship.
Being a working husband or wife and 
a great super dooper mum or dad can be a form of worship.
Being an unmarried, a not yet married female or male student,
an awesome daughter and son can be a form of worship.
Being a doctor, lecturer, a film director, engineer, 
zoo taker, lawyer, nurse, pharmacist or clerk 
or even a trainer while internship 
during mid term break can be a form of worship too.
See, theres so much and variety of ways 
we can worship Allah swt
as long as we have a sincere intention 
and most important is that we do is done 
within the guidelines Allah has set and told for us, you and me.

As each one of us knew,
Our Creation was to fulfill 
our first and most important role which is to be His Slave.
As He already tells us in Surah Dhaariyat 

"And I did not create the jinn and humankind except to worship Me"

May Allah Bless each one of us, ameen.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

oh stay calm

Are you a human being too?
If you are, a human
we are fragile creatures, we stumble over, we mess up
and truly this life just fall into small pieces 
and break down into small bits.
And yes, this dunya might hit the rock onto our face
but yeah, that path is a normal way of life.
Keep going.
Keep swimming & keep swimming 
like the Dorie's saying to Nemo

When we engage in the remembrance of the Almighty,
 we attain the calmness of the heart.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

beautiful sisters, handsome brothers created by Allah :)

The Beauty in you, the Handsome in you, yes You!!
Every person in this world
big, small, tall, short, skinny, fat, old, young
No matter what they look like,
will always have someone who finds them attractive.
Because i can say,
 the beauty and the handsome is a subjective meaning 
which definitely being defined differently according to their own ways.

Somehow, a good character can be double triple the beauty and handsome in you.
So why not, you and oh very very most said to my oneself
Be good in the character first 
and surely the personality of you will sparkle 
Like the sparkling of twinkle twinkle little star
Maybe why not 
(Oh ingatan untuk diri sendiri)

Talk softly, walk humbly, 
eat sensibly, sleep sufficiently, 
dress properly, interact politely. donate generously and so on
can be of the way to sparkle our good character.
So never think and never say never 
you are "ugly". Ok?
We are uniquely created, 
designed by Allah the Almighty individually. See?
Allah dah designed kan kita ni unik, cantik seadanya.

Alhamdulillah, Terima Kasih Allah
And its just us who should plays the role 
in maintaining it with quality and good character
We should always be a thankful slave to Allah,
to say Alhamdulillah for creating us the way we are now, 
somehow they might be someone out there 
who desired to be just the way like you, 
yes you, the one whose reading this.
So beautiful handsome brothers sisters, 
delete the feeling of saying your not
yes yes, delete delete and delete
look yourself deeper inner through the mirror
Ya Allah, 
"You've beautified our physical features, 
may You beautify our moral characters as well oh Allah"