Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Don't Give Up

~ May Allah's Peace and blessings be upon you all ~

When no one helps you to reach your dreams,
And you feel life's too hard,

Don't Give Up !
Verily, Allah is there to help you.

When everyone looks down on you,
The whole world disparages you,

Don't Give Up !
Indeed, Allah always appreciates what you have done.

When you feel no one believes you,

And you feel the things you've done by yourself were useless and in vain,
Whereas you have done your best,

Don't Give Up !
Truthfully, Allah knows your effort.
He will surely reward you for your good deeds.

When all the people let you down,
And no one consoles you,

Don't Give Up ~
Just BELIEVES, Allah will alleviate all pain and sadness.

When you feel all alone,

And you need somebody to rely on,
But no one gives a shoulder,

Don't Give Up !!
As a matter of fact, you've never been alone.
Allah is always with you. He always looks after you and sheters you.

No matter, what people say,

I never want to give up !

Allah is enough for me.

~ (*.*) ~