Thursday, December 6, 2012

Because i miss home so much

Little baby tarzan wants to advice something for me and you:
No one can deny the ultimate, highest sacrifice, care and love 
that a mother, mak, ibu, mama, umi, bonda renders to her child.
A father's sacrifice is just as big you can see,
and it is the father, ayah, abah, bapa, ayahanda 
who is the bread winner and leader in the family.

Our parents may be near or far,
especially the ones that are digging knowledge 
far away from home
but a prayer is the least we can do for them
All parents surely love their children and 
sacrifice their lives for their children.

Ibu manalah yang tak sayangkan anak
Ayah manalah yang tak sayangkan anak
(: ..kan.. :)

Well, try and sit silently,
and havent we realized how much our parents have done for us
..They did this, they did that for us..
and if we really knew their expectations on us
 to be the good ones are such towering 
and it would be extremely happy for them if it become reality.

Thus, every handsome sons, beautiful daughters,
you, me and us must love, respect, pray for them, must be grateful,
and must be good towards them.

A child who does this will be rewarded 
with paradise in the hereafter 
and will enjoy a life of happiness and comfort in this world, insyaAllah.

So, let's together strive to be a virtuous son and daughter.
Love our parents,
so that our life will be happy, wonderful and peaceful
and mostly will be protected from the wrath of Allah, insyaAllah

Dear people and very very dear to Nur Idzhainee mostly,

Be Loving towards our and your parents
so that one day later  your children too may be
Loving towards you, insyaAllah.

sincerely: Lil baby Tarzan 



Hafizuddin said...

lil baby tarzan cn talk.. genius baby.. haha.. btw yep its true..

Nur Idzhainee Hashim said...

of course :p baby tarzan also go to school in the jungle with the gorillas and got a good advice for all of us :))