Monday, December 17, 2012

exam is heading up

The end of the year is running swimming faster and faster
each days approaching without myself even realizing it moving 
Final Exams are just around the corner!!
...OH Oh Oh OH wake up oh me...
This weeks will be the last weeks of all
the lecturers, classes, tests, submissions of assignments
loads loads and loads
I have quite enjoyed it so far for this semester
eventhough i somehow thought 
that i still have not had that much assessed work
this sem compared to previous semesters.
Well its still not too late though,
exams haven't yet come to date, aiyai captain!!
(that's just to calm myself down)
Okey, Idzhainee, now you have to make full of it.
At the bottom of my heart 
"of course, I will insyaAllah as I don't have any other plan to enter exam hall
looking around like i haven't learn non for the whole semester
When it comes to the final zoning,
it's very scary to think that in few weeks time
I will honestly can't explain where the time has gone.
Berusaha sampai habis, Idzhainee!
O Allah, let my heart be filled with light and insight 
and understanding and knowledge,
Verily You control everything.
Oh Allah, nothing is easy except what You have made easy.
Semoga kita sama - sama sentiasa 
memperolehi kejayaan yang diberkati Allah
May acquiring new knowledge 
and increase the knowledge in ones 
will bring us more closer to Allah.

Good Luck For Exams semua