Wednesday, February 20, 2013

because you just can, so move forward :))

Dear sisters & brothers
Looking up at the clouds 
and see the forming shapes that the clouds make,
i observed my surrounding and ponder about the life.
we're the humans
there's always the up and down time
which either you're always on top of the wheel
and at that time where you always 
have that kind of energy inspiration 
to keep going in life and have 
that strong of strength to face those obstacles
which is always a dream for everyone right.
or somehow vice versa
but dear people,
that shouldnt be the reason for you to give up
or start making yourself down
seeing yourself with no great opportunities
and that's totally not true
sometimes you just haven't failed people
your success is just postponed
so prove to them that they wrong 
if saying anything that breaks your potential
because you just can people
Sacrifice now so that later in the future, 
one will not feel regret.
yes, sometimes it is difficult
it is a great struggle that you, i and us should do
but the sacrifice and the struggles 
that makes us even more stronger and insyaAllah hopefully (pray) 
it will brings us more closer to Allah and will give a great success.

"So, verily, with hardship, there is relief"
(Al - Insyirah 94:5)

Because we just can, 
Giving up is totally not the option
we have Allah
we have doa
.so we can pray and ask help from Allah.
.Allah loves you, Allah loves us, Allah loves all of us.



Hafizuddin said...

nice words..very inspired.. =) *match with bckground music haha..

Nur Idzhainee Hashim said...

thank u :) the music is no longer here. hak3