Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dear people: Allah knows Best :)

Everyone in this world experience sadness, 
depression and it is something which 
every one of us experience throughout the living.
The human beings hurt and cries,
but you cannot see the depression sadness in their eyes, 
because they just smiles, laugh and just keep moving and keep all inside.

There are times when we feel we're down,
depressed or things look broken and nothing 
like how we wished and dreamed of the way we want it to be in the beginning.
At times we even feel as though nothing is working out the way we planned,
tawakkal or trusting and relying on Allah and realizing 
that our Protector, Allah the Most Al- Mighty has a great and better plan for us.
We have to put great massive huge trust 
that Allah's plan is the best plan and yet plant deeply 
in the heart by having full faith that Allah will take care of
you, me and us
even when things look so impossible.

Hey people,
There is nothing in the universe that Allah can't do
instead He can provides us for anything that we could never even imagine
plus nothing can happens except with the permission of Allah.

..So beautiful sisters, great brothers..

After all the USAHA, and after all the DOA, we TAWAKKAL
but remember (oh reminder to myself)
There can be no faith without tawakkal 
and if there is true faith,
tawakkal must always follow.

"And whoever relies upon Allah, 
then He is sufficient for him" (65.3).
And the Reality is that there is nothing 
and nowhere else that will be sufficient.
Allah is the only handhold
that never breaks (2:256)

Allah the Most Generous and the Al- Mighty
 gives us so much without even us asking,
so if He doesn't give the things what we are asking 
for He knows it's better for us not to have it.

..Believe and don't be sad..



muhammad unais said...

as salam. Idzhainee ^_^ lama x dengar khabar. apa khabar? unais ni. mrsm pendang, sekelas dulu. can email me at
thanks ya =)