Thursday, March 21, 2013

semua manusia adalah cerdik :))

Assalamualaikum and good day beauties and smarties!

To all little sisters and brothers
Congratulations on the results you gained for SPM what ever it is!
Setelah berusaha, setelah berdoa, dan setelah bertawakkal,
insyaAllah itu adalah yang terbaik buat diri kita adik - adik
and just be true and be confident and keep doing good
and moving towards good.
Pada adik - adik yang dapat banyak A,
Tahniah dan teruskan berusaha!
Alhamdulillah, Allah bagi rezeki 

Tetapi pada adik - adik yang tak dapat banyak A, 
tidak mengapa!!!
Teruskan Usaha, Teruskan Berjuang, Teruskan Berenang!
Ingat, tak banyak A, tak semestinya tak cerdik ok?

Be sure to yourself, seandainya anda,kita 
kurang bernasib baik dalam SPM
tidak bermakna anda, kita juga akan 
kurang berjaya dalam kerjaya atau masa hadapan

Ingat! rezeki itu ada di mana - mana,
yang penting kita perlu sentiasa berusaha
 dan minta pertolongan daripada Allah.

Semoga kejayaan adik - adik beauties and adik - adik smarties
 diperoleh dengan kesyukuran 
dan kekurangan yang diuji menjadikan diri kita redha
 dan teruskan berusaha tanpa berputus asa.
Remember, each one of us, you, me them, can shine 
If once failed, that doesnt mean you're gonna failed forever
Keep working hard. Keep studying hard kerana Allah
As long adik - adik yang pandai lagi baik hati tahu hala tuju,
tahu tujuan hidup,
insyaAllah kita akan berjaya 
sama - sama juga kelak dengan izin Allah. 


Saturday, March 16, 2013

ponder and think about life

It's already almost a week since 
the new semester had gone flow through
without myself noticing since the semester had started =.=" 
and i still can't believe that I'm in the last semester
of my degree life, insyaAllah. (with Allah's Will)

University life if without continuing my master 
will be over in just a few months more
and it's like another 12 weeks of kuliah only 
ahead for the final preparation =.="
but, I'm determined to make every minute count 
and fill the kuliah with beneficial things (yeke, hehe)
~oh insyaAllah~
I guess it's a sacrifice I'm going to have to make now in order
to not regret later in life.
(and that is the same for you, me, us all)

I hope the chapter of my life for the degree session 
is going to end with many beautiful memories
and I hope if Allah gives me the opportunity (pray)
I can continue my study more if given the chance 
but who knows, we plan but Allah is the Best Planner.

I like this words and i want to share it here:

"Face exams like a Boss,
"Have Fun afterwards and start Focusing for exams"

Jom tuntut ilmu
Menuntut ilmu adalah kerana Allah & 
it is an obligatory to all Muslims 
to seek knowledge too, right? 
(oh ingatan untuk diri sendiri)