Saturday, March 16, 2013

ponder and think about life

It's already almost a week since 
the new semester had gone flow through
without myself noticing since the semester had started =.=" 
and i still can't believe that I'm in the last semester
of my degree life, insyaAllah. (with Allah's Will)

University life if without continuing my master 
will be over in just a few months more
and it's like another 12 weeks of kuliah only 
ahead for the final preparation =.="
but, I'm determined to make every minute count 
and fill the kuliah with beneficial things (yeke, hehe)
~oh insyaAllah~
I guess it's a sacrifice I'm going to have to make now in order
to not regret later in life.
(and that is the same for you, me, us all)

I hope the chapter of my life for the degree session 
is going to end with many beautiful memories
and I hope if Allah gives me the opportunity (pray)
I can continue my study more if given the chance 
but who knows, we plan but Allah is the Best Planner.

I like this words and i want to share it here:

"Face exams like a Boss,
"Have Fun afterwards and start Focusing for exams"

Jom tuntut ilmu
Menuntut ilmu adalah kerana Allah & 
it is an obligatory to all Muslims 
to seek knowledge too, right? 
(oh ingatan untuk diri sendiri)



nur naa'irah said...

salam..that's right..knowledge is more importance in our life..:-)..

Nur Idzhainee Hashim said...

waalaikumsalam.. hehe yup2 dear nur naa'irah :)

az21na said...

Happy enjoying ur very last sem sis... time flies so fast kn.. =)im so jealous u r graduating... yay!

Nur Idzhainee Hashim said...

hehe..but sometimes it scares me..hak3. yeah am gonna will, insyaAllah :)

Faiz Koscielny said...

Eh2..pgrm 3 taun je eh??waaa bestnye nk grad dah...:D

Nur Idzhainee Hashim said...

insyaAllah :)